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QuizBot server leaderbords

Note: All leaderboards will only show any points scored after the 13th March 2021.

QuizBot server leaderboards allow you to keep track of who is the best or most active quiz player in your server.

Leaderboards are most useful for server events which incorporate multiple quizzes or multiple plays of the same quiz.

Leaderboard types

Every leaderbaord will show all users which have taken part in quizzes in the given timeframe, up to the maximum possible amount of 30 users.

Simple leaderboards

A leaderbaord which shows the total scores of users at the time the command is run. Does not automatically update but can be generated by anyone.

=lb simple

Automatic weekly, monthly & all time leaderbaords

Note: This is a QuizBot Premium feature.

Will only show the scores in the given timeframe, automatically update after every quiz played and automatically reset once the time period is over.

Only server administrators with QuizBot Premium can create these:

=lb new weekly/monthly/all-time

Automatic custom leaderboards

Note: This is a QuizBot Premium feature.

A leaderboard which can be set to start and optionally end at any given date. Automatically updates after every quiz session.

=leaderboard new custom <start>;(end)

You must provide a start time for this leaderboard type. You can also provide an end time, see Leaderboard advanced settings for more information.

A single server can have a maximum of 5 automatic leaderboards, and a user with an active premium subscription can create automatic leaderboards in 2 different servers. If you want to create a new automatic leaderboard but already have 5 on your server, you can delete an old one with =lb delete <id> (The leaderboard ID can be found at the bottom of the leaderboard message).

Advanced settings

To get information about advanced settings, run =lb settings in any text channel which QuizBot has access to.