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Using the QuizEditor

Note: This page uses command notation. Learn what this means.

Another note: The QuizEditor command has multiple aliases. It is referred to as =qe here, but =edit and =quiz-editor also work.

Initiating a QuizEditor

Before you can start editing a quiz within Discord you first need to start a QuizEditor. Grab the ID of the quiz you want to edit and run =qe <id>

Changing quiz settings

You can use the QuizEditor to update general settings of your quiz.

The settings you can change are:

To change any of the first three settings use the command =qe <setting> <new info>.

For tags you can either add a tag (=qe add-tag <tag>) or remove a tag (=qe del-tag <tag position>)

Adding and removing questions

You can also use the QuizEditor to add, edit or remove quiz questions.

To add a question run the command =qe add-question. This will open a new embed where you can change all the settings relating to the new question.

Similarly, you can edit a question by running the command =qe edit-question. Similar to add-question, this will also open a new embed with all the previous information of the question which you can update.

=qe question <question>

Change what you are asking the player. This is required for every quiz question!

=qe add-answer <answer1>;(answer2;answer3...)

Add new answers to the current question. To add more than one answer append a semicolon (;) to the first answer and add your next answer. This can be repeated multiple times.

Please note: Currently answers cannot include the semicolon character (;) when added through the QuizEditor. You can still include semicolons when editing a question on the web interface.

=qe del-answer <answer number>

Delete the answer at the given position from the list of answers.

=qe correct <answer number>

Set the correct answer for the question.

Each question must have a correct answer and currently cannot have multiple correct answers.

=qe time <seconds>

Set the amount of time, in seconds, which the players will have to answer the question before the answers are displayed.

=qe min <min points>

Edit the minimum points awarded for this question.

For more information on QuizBot’s points system, see this page.

=qe max <max points>

Edit the maximum points awarded for this question.

For more information on QuizBot’s points system, see this page.

=qe image <image url>

QuizBot Premium Exclusive Feature

Set an image which will be displayed alongside the question.

For privacy reasons we only accept a limited amount of hosting websites. To see the current list, check this page.