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Quiz Schedules

Note: this is a “beta” feature and may not be entirely stable yet.

QuizBot v2.7.0 introduced a new feature: the ability to schedule quizzes at a set interval or time.

Creating a schedule

Run =schedule create to create a new quiz schedule. This will also start the schedule editor.

Right now, the number of schedules is limited for non-premium users to prevent abuse.

Using the schedule editor

Edit a schedule by running =schedule edit <id>. This will create an embed showing details about the schedule and how to modify them.


The channel in which quiz sessions will be started by the schedule. Note that the bot will need the standard permissions defined here.

Start time

When the first session will be started by the schedule.

The start time needs needs to be in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm


A list of quiz IDs the schedule will go through and run.

You can only add quizzes you have access to.

Selection mode

How the bot will decide which quiz to run next. There are currently two modes:


How often a session is started by the schedule.


How many times the schedule will run and start a quiz. Premium members can set this to infinity.


A custom role or mention to notify when a session is about to be started.

The @here and @everyone mentions can also be used.