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Quiz Commands

Note: This page uses command notation. Learn what this means.

=create-quiz <name>;<description>

Create a quiz. This will automatically start a QuizEditor.

=edit <id>

Edit a quiz.

For more information, see the QuizEditor page.

Show a list of public featured quizzes.

=search <query ...>

Search all QuizBot public quizzes.

You can also do this via the web interface for a cleaner results page.

=view <id> (correct) (start-end)

View a quiz.

You can also do this via the web interface by clicking a listed quiz.


Import a quiz from a CSV spreadsheet.

For more information, run =spreadsheet help or watch our YouTube tutorial.

=copy <id>

Copy an existing quiz.

Some attributes will not be copied over, these are:

This is particularly useful if you have made a basic quiz which you want to make several versions of, each with slight changes.

Also, this is a good way of taking a public quiz and editing small details, like the time allowed or points awarded to perfectly suite your community.