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Session Options

Session options are added when using the =play command. They modify the behaviour of the bot when playing a quiz.

For more information on using the =play command, see this page.

For a quick way to modify session options, click “Play” on a quiz on the web interface to bring up a play command generator.


Deletes all messages in the quiz after they are used. This reduces clutter in the channel, but you won’t be able to see past quizzes.


Hide all leaderboards during the quiz except the final leaderboard.


Don’t display the correct after each question.


Shuffle the order of the quiz questions.


Shuffle the answers for each question.


When generating leaderboards, use server nicknames instead of usernames.


All questions will award 1 point for the correct answer and 0 points for an incorrect answer. This means that timing no longer affects points.

Note: even though points appear in this way on the quiz leaderboard, your actual points are always calculated using the default 500-1000pts system for the global leaderboard and stored in your profile.


Hide the position movement indicators when generating leaderboards.

competitive (PREMIUM)

Run the quiz in competitive mode.

More details available here.

report (PREMIUM)

Generate a session report at the end of the quiz including a question-by-question breakdown of the results.

This is also enabled by default when competitive mode is enabled.