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QuizBot Points System

Please note that the data and information on this page is subject to change and may not be updated immediately.

QuizBot awards players points for each question they answer correctly with the bot.

How points are calculated

QuizBot calculates your points per correct answer using the following formula.

Answering a question wrong always awards 0 points.


points_awarded = max_points - ((max_points - min_points) / time_allowed) * time_taken

Note: if the simple_scoring option is enabled, both min_points and max_points will be 1.

Default values

By default, a players will receive 500 - 1000 points for each correct answer.

Changing the min/max points for a question

Both the QuizEditor and web interface allow you to edit the minimum/maximum points per question.

Note about stored points

During quiz sessions, the leaderboards will display points based on any custom min/max values/options that have been applied to the questions.

When a quiz ends, users’ points are added to their profile to generate global leaderboards and other stats.

QuizBot will calculate these saved points on a “normalized” scale. It will use the default 500 - 1000pts system. This means that changing the points per question or using the simple_scoring session option won’t affect your leaderboard position or allow to you gain/lose points on your profile.