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QuizBot Item Shop

The QuizBot item shop was added in QB Version 3 and allows customising many features of QuizBot to a higher level than previously possible.

How to find the shop

The shop is currently only available as a bot command.

You can start the shop menu in any channel which QuizBot has sufficient permissions in with =shop

Once you start the shop you will be on the homepage, here you can see all the different categories which are available as well as useful information like how many Q$ you have.

You can react with the ? reaction to go to the help page, where more information about using the item shop can be found.

Use the category reactions to navigate to the shop page for that category. Next, use the arrow emotes to cycle through all the different items in the category.

Once you have found an item you like the look of, react with the $ emote to buy the item. If you don’t meet all the requirements the bot will now tell you what you are missing, otherwise, the currency will be deducted from your account and the item will be added to your inventory.

Limited items

The embed will show whether you meet all the requirements to buy the item or if you are missing something.

You will also see if the item is ‘limited’ in any way.

The item may have a limited amount of redeems, meaning only a certain amount of people will be allowed to buy the item before it becomes unavailable.

Some items may also have an expiry date, meaning that they will become unavailable once a certain amount of time has passed.

Be sure to hurry up if you are looking to buy any of these items.