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QuizBot Currency (Q$)

Please note that the data and information on this page is subject to change and may not be updated immediately.

The QuizBot Currency, referred to as Q$, is earned by playing quizzes and can be spent on new items like profile backgrounds in the item shop

How is Q$ earned

Every QuizBot user starts with 0 Q$ when their account is created.

You can earn Q$ by reaching certain level milestones, (more information can be found here)

Playing quizzes

Currency is only awarded during quizzes with more than 2 players.

The amount of Q$ a player earns depends on their position on the leaderboard.

For instance, if a player is in the top 5% of players, they will earn 1500 Q$, if they are in the top 50%, they will still earn 300 Q$.

Part of the list of rewards is shown below to give a general idea of the distribution (some steps are omitted):

Note: These rewards do NOT add up, i.e. Although a top 5% player is also in the top 20%, they will only get 1500 Q$ and not 1500 Q$ + 700 Q$ + …

The amount of Q$ rewarded is also reduced if any of the below factors apply to you:

These reductions stack with each other.

Having your quizzes played

If you have high-quality quizzes which are often played by other people, you may also earn Q$ this way.

If a session has more than 4 players, you will earn a set amount of Q$ plus a bonus for the amount of plyers playing.


If player_count > 4:

reward = 100 + (min(player_count, 100) * 10)