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Creating and editing quizzes with QuizBot

There are three methods to create or edit a quiz with QuizBot.

Method 1: Create a quiz on the web interface

The simplest and most common way to create a quiz is with QuizBot’s web interface:

To create a quiz, go to QuizBot website. Log in and select “Create a new quiz”. This will take you to the quiz editor page, where you can modify the quiz name, description, colour, access level and add/remove questions. Once you’re done, make sure to click “Save”.

To edit an existing quiz, navigate to the QuizBot website and then select “Edit” next to the quiz you want to edit.

Method 2: Create a quiz using commands

You can also create quizzes entirely using commands, without leaving Discord.

To create a quiz run the =create-quiz command in a channel which QuizBot has access to.

When creating a quiz you will always need to give the quiz a name. If you wish you can also give the quiz a description. The command you are executing should look something like this: =create-quiz Name;Description.

If you are having issues check that the bot has all the required permissions.

Once you have created your quiz you will see a QuizEditor which allows you to change all of your quizzes’ settings as well as adding questions. See how to use the QuizEditor here.

Method 3: Import a quiz from a CSV spreadsheet

Finally, you can convert a quiz from a spreadsheet to a QuizBot quiz. This is done through the =spreadsheet command. For more information, run =spreadsheet help or watch our YouTube tutorial.

Method 4: Copy an existing quiz

If you found a quiz you like and only want to make slight modifications to it, you can copy it using the copy command