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QuizBot Levelling System

Please note that the data and information on this page is subject to change and may not be updated immediately.

How it works

Every QuizBot user has an XP (Experience) level as well as a score which represents the progress to the next level.

You can see your current level and your progress to the next level within the profile command.

How is XP calculated?

You will get XP for playing QuizBot quizzes.

XP is only awarded when a quiz session has more than 1 player.

The amount of XP you gain from a quiz session is equal to your score from that session. More information about how your score is calculated can be found here.

There is a daily cap on the amount of XP you can gain. While we don’t reveal the exact size of this cap to stop abuse of the system, it is equivalent to the XP earned from about 4-10 average-sized quizzes.

The amount of XP rewarded is also reduced if any of the below factors apply to you:

These reductions stack with each other.

What do I get for reaching higher levels?

Showing dedication and reaching higher levels will help you unlock exclusive benefits across QuizBot.

Access to exclusive items

Many items in the QuizBot item shop are locked to only users with a certain level, the higher your level, the more items you will be able to purchase and equip.

QuizBot Q$

When you hit certain milestone levels you are rewarded a generous amount of Q$ to spend in the QuizBot item shop as of writing, these levels are: